Understanding CEREC Technology: What Is CEREC and How Does It Work?

Understanding CEREC Technology: What Is CEREC and How Does It Work?

April 1, 2023

The advancement in dental technology has led to the introduction and upgrade of CEREC, which is a software that was innovated to allow dentists to digitally design Ceramic crowns and porcelain veneers. This has helped saved time as Ceramic crowns, and porcelain veneers can be fabricated and fitted in just one visit. CEREC is better than traditional dental crowns since they use all ceramic crowns with no metal to cover and protect a damaged and weakened tooth.

CEREC vs. Crown: What’s the Difference?

It’s vital that you first understand why you need a dental crown before we dive in on CEREC and what it entails.

Crowns can be pretty helpful in patients with old fillings or damaged teeth in the form of cracks and chips. When you have old fillings that have become worn out and less effective, your dentist in Breckenridge will first have to remove the compromised areas before placing a crown or cap over the tooth. Traditional crowns are made from a material that comprises a combination of metal and ceramic (porcelain).

During crown placement, your dentist will start by prepping your tooth to make it smaller to allow a dental crown to fit on top of it. Once the first step is complete, your dentist or dental lab will create a porcelain crown from the wax mold taken from your tooth. Creation of the crown may take time (several weeks). After the creation of the crown, your dentist will place it over the damaged tooth and cement it tightly to safeguard your tooth from more damage. The main problem with following the traditional method of crown placement is the long waiting time that the patient may have to endure before getting the crowns. You’ll also have to make several dental visits which may be costly and inconvenient. By getting CEREC IN BRECKENRIDGE, CO, the inconveniences may be avoided as the dental crown can be fabricated on the same day of your initial visit.

How Does CEREC Work?

CEREC is a new form of dental technology that support same-day restorations. The initial process involved in the formation of CEREC is similar to that of traditional crowns. Your dentist commences the procedure by shaving down your tooth to create room for the crown. However, unlike the previous process, your dentist will use a CEREC scanner to create a 3d image of your tooth and surrounding areas. This image will later be uploaded to a design unit that utilizes CAD/CAM software to create a 3d model of the new crown.

After designing the crown, your dentist will use an onsite-milling machine to create the crown from a high-quality ceramic block. Upon completion, your dentist will use stain and polish to change the color of the crown to match that of your natural teeth. If you are satisfied with the crown’s appearance, your dentist will place it over your prepped tooth and cement it in place.

CEREC technology can be used for making any cap or crown; therefore a significant improvement in dental technology. Dental restorations in Breckenridge, CO, use CEREC technology to make dental treatment fast, efficient, and accurate.

Benefits of CEREC Technology

There are numerous benefits to using CEREC technology. Below are a few examples:

Doesn’t Use Unpleasant Impression Materials

Not many people enjoy having to bite down on impressions during dental appointments. Biting down on impression material for several minutes can cause you to develop a numb mouth and cause your jaw to ache. CEREC eliminates the need for that as the technology makes use of advanced methods to collect information about your teeth. Your dentist will use a camera to capture your full dentition and then transfer it to their computer. This won’t take much time as it only needs a few seconds.

No Need for Temporary Crowns

The adaptation of CEREC technology eliminates the need for temporary crowns. With CEREC, the patient can have the final prosthesis inserted directly without needing a temporary prosthesis.

Reduces Waiting Time

The main benefit of CEREC technology lies in its ability to reduce waiting time. Unlike other dental procedures, CEREC enables your dentist to insert natural-looking ceramic crowns in just a single session. This will allow the patient to save on transport costs as the number of trips they’d have to make to the dentist will be resumed to just one.

Provides Long-Term Stability

Although you may have started hearing about CEREC technology a few years back, the technology has been out there for a while. CEREC is not a theory or prototype. It has been tested and proven many times over before its first implementation in dentistry. You can count on your CEREC-made crowns to be as robust as traditional crowns.


Although CEREC has been used and tested several times, very few people have heard of it nor seen it in practice. The dental prosthesis resembles natural teeth and is very durable. It also reduces the number of dental appointments patients have to make without compromising quality. Visit Breckenridge Dental Group to get a CEREC prosthesis and enjoy a healthy, natural-looking smile.