Surprising Facts about Dental Implants You Never Knew

Surprising Facts about Dental Implants You Never Knew

February 1, 2021

Are you seeking treatments to replace missing teeth and have received information that dentures and bridges are not the only solutions available to succeed in your goal? You can have a permanent solution for the missing teeth by choosing dental implants instead of dentures or bridges.

The dentist in Breckenridge regularly offers dental implants to patients because of the many advantages over other teeth replacement solutions. Dental implants appear, feel, and function like natural teeth. In reality, you can consider dental implants better than your natural teeth because they aren’t susceptible to decay, making them cavity resistant. We have even more fun information for you on why you must choose dental implants over any other replacement solution for your missing teeth.

Trying to understand what makes Breckenridge dental implants durable and robust and why you must prefer present-day technology, the way Mayans utilized implants earlier helps you determine whether you must choose this option over any other offered by the dentist near you.

The Funny Facts about Dental Implants

Implants Are Made from the Same Material As Missiles

You may have heard about guided missiles, whether surface to surface or surface-to-air. You may also have seen the space shuttle NASA was frequently blasting for research in space. Dental implants are made from the same material used for making space shuttles or missiles. However, once implanted in your mouth, they won’t blastoff either for space research or as guided destroyers. In reality, they remain in your mouth, safeguarding your jawbone from resorption, letting you have an entire set of healthy artificial teeth.

Dental Implants Were First Used by Ancient Mayans

Would you believe ancient Mayans were the first to use dental implants? The Mayans discovered how to make tooth-shaped shells and hammer the pieces into the gums of women who underwent the procedure for having artificial teeth, perhaps with incredible pain. If you are anxious about having dental implants, you can discuss the matter with your spouse or girlfriend to determine whether they would like an artificial tooth hammered into their gums. Just ensure you have a dentist with you to administer anesthesia if you want to prevent charges of a murderous assault.

Say Goodbye To Cavities with Dental Implants

Suppose dental implants are made from titanium, the same material used for making space shuttles and guided missiles. Wouldn’t they be durable enough to resist the bacteria in your mouth adequately? Believe us, they are and don’t attract tooth decay like your natural teeth. You must protect your gums from periodontal disease, which can affect you if you let plaque buildup develop on the implanted teeth. Allow gum disease to infect you, and you will soon need replacement teeth for replacement teeth. We are confident you wouldn’t want to go through the entire procedure again simply because you neglected oral hygiene when advised not to do so.

Dental Implants Offer You a Permanent Solution

When you search for teeth replacement solutions, you can find various options available from dentures and bridges, none of which last you for a lifetime. Dentures need replacements every 5 to 7 years besides adjustments frequently. Bridges last for decades or more with proper dental hygiene but require replacements eventually.

On the other hand, dental implants last you for a lifetime with proper dental hygiene. Dental implants don’t need special attention besides brushing and flossing appropriately and dental exams and cleanings from your dentist. So long as you don’t indulge in any habits that result in implant failure, rest assured that your artificial teeth will remain with you forever.

Dental implants mimic your natural teeth except for attracting tooth decay and cavities, which is another benefit to gain from when you have them inserted in your jawbone. Yes, the procedure for having dental implants is intensive and requires months of healing time. You don’t have to worry about dentists hammering tooth-shaped shells in your gums, making you cringe in pain and fear. You won’t feel the dental implant insertion in your jawbone and will only experience some minor discomfort after the surgical procedure, which is standard. Here again, the Breckenridge dentist ensures you comfortably overcome the discomfort, prescribing or recommending pain medications to help you. After your implant has integrated with your jawbone, the dentist fits a customized artificial tooth over the implant to give you the lost tooth or teeth from your mouth back again.

Do you find these facts about dental implants surprising? Don’t because they are indeed real.

Searching for solutions to replace missing teeth? Read about why you must prefer dental implants over any other option and be surprised with some interesting facts.