Can Your Teeth Get Cleaner By Chewing Gum?

Can Your Teeth Get Cleaner By Chewing Gum?

November 1, 2021

As we all know, candy is not good for your dental health. However, there might be one type of “candy” that can have some oral health benefits. It is sugar-free chewing gum! This might come as a shock to you because most chewing gums are considered bad for teeth because of the high sugar content, which can cause tooth erosion, tooth decay, and other oral health issues.

But if you have been looking for other ways of maintaining your oral health during the day without making it an event, then there’s a solution that will work for you. However, you may need to know a little more before you go running to the supermarket to pick any packet of gum. So, continue reading to see what type of gum can help your teeth.

Is All Gum Good?

When it comes to picking gum, most people go with the brand they love, irrespective of the contents. There is a common belief that the contents are the same, so you will likely pick a sugary variety.

It is essential that you look for the right kind of gum, lest you find yourself damaging your teeth rather than keeping them healthy. Therefore, before you pick your favorite gum, check the contents. Ascertain whether it is a sugar-free gum or not.

Studies show that sugar-free gum has under 5g of sugar per serving compared to the sugary varieties. With sugar-free gum, you can go for the ones with natural sweeteners, such as xylitol that is non-cariogenic. In other words, bacteria cannot digest the sweeteners as they would sugar, plus they contain fewer calories.

Can Sugar-Free Gum Clean the Teeth?

The short answer is yes! However, it is not that simple. If you chew gum with sugar, you will provide bacteria with the food they need to thrive. Therefore, as they digest the sugar, they produce digestive acids, which erode the teeth, and the next thing you know, you are at our dental office because of a cavity.

However, when you chew sugarless gum, your salivary glands will be stimulated. Saliva is key in fighting bacteria that cause plaque. So, there will be an increased production of saliva in the mouth that can flush the food, acid, and sugar particles from your mouth into the gut.

When the food debris are flushed into the stomach, the bacteria in the mouth cannot form the biofilm responsible for damaging your teeth. This is why throwing sugarless gum in your mouth after a meal or snack can be beneficial in neutralizing your mouth.

So, by reducing acid, sugar, and bacteria in your mouth, you will be preventing the development of cavities, plaque, and even tooth decay. This will help to keep your teeth strong and your breath fresh, especially if the gum has a minty flavor.

Sugar-Free Gum With Xylitol

Xylitol is a healthier alternative to the sweeteners that are found in regular gums. It is a natural sweetener that is a sugar alcohol. In other words, it combines the traits of alcohols and sugars without affecting your blood sugar. It is produced from the fibers of the xylan plant and birch trees.

The beauty about xylitol is that it tastes the same as regular sugar but has a minimal aftertaste. Plus, it inhibits the production of the bacteria that is responsible for plaque formation. When bacteria come into contact with xylitol, the bacteria lose their ability to adhere to your teeth. This means that if the bacteria cannot stick on your teeth, they cannot attack your teeth, thus preventing cavities and giving you a clean mouth.

Other Benefits of Chewing Sugar-Free Gum

Other than cleaning your mouth, chewing sugarless gum can strengthen your immune system keeping your mouth free from infections. The simple act of chewing enhances the protective function of your immune system, promoting the formation of Th17 cells, which are vital in
fighting dental infections.

Remember to Brush and Floss

Even though chewing gum has many benefits, such as preventing cavities, increasing saliva flow, and strengthening the enamel, it cannot replace brushing and flossing. You can use it to aid your daily oral hygiene routine. So, if you cannot brush after a meal, the gum can help keep the bacteria at bay until you can clean your teeth.

Now that you know a thing or two about the benefits of sugar-free gum don’t forget to visit our dentist regularly for checkups. Contact us today at Breckenridge Dental Group.